The Espai Animacions complex | en català | en español |

Espai Animacions is the permanent headquarters of the Rocamora Teatre.
Its facilities are equipped of residence, office, warehouse, rehearsals space and workshop for the construction of puppets and marionettes, props and small sceneries of the shows.

The workspace is a diaphanous space, with natural light, equipped with bench and mobile worktables, tools and various machines, depending on what you want to do. It has capacity for more than fifteen adults, or about thirty schoolchildren.
We regularly offer workshops or masterclasses of construction and manipulation of any puppetry techniques, taught by our team members, or other guest teachers. We also design and impart puppet workshops by order, on any technique (glove, marotte, muppet, rod, tabletop, shadow, object, string, etc.), with the duration and level desired, according to the participant’s age and the objectives to be achieved.
Our workshops can be for professionals, for amateurs, for teachers or for schoolchildren. We can give the courses at the Espai Animacions, or in other places as Cultural, Educational or Social Centers, by example.