Festival de Titelles del Moianès | en català | en español |

The Puppet Theater Festival of the Moianès regional district aims to become an annual event of the best of this scenic genre, wanting to reach the maximum of the local population, but also to attract the attention of the media and visitors from beyond the region, who want to enjoy the Festival’s program and the Moianès environment.

Calders hosted from July 28 to 30, 2017 the first edition of the Festival. A Festival that, as its name suggests has desire to reach the ten municipalities that make up this newly created region. The Moianès natural region received full political and administrative recognition in 2015, although it had existed as “sotsvegueria” since the beginning of the thirteenth century, implementation of the Decree of New Plant, five centuries later.


The Festival programmed an exhibition dedicated to 35 years of the Rocamora Teatre Company, a workshop of origami puppets construction taught by Thai plastic artist and puppeteer Arunee Vasanserekul, and finally, two shows with "Solista" by Rocamora Teatre and "L'antiquotidianitat" by Eudald Ferré Company.

In September 2015 to celebrate the inauguration, Espai Animacions organizes the Aplec Titellaire de Calders. Given the good reception that the Aplec had, it was decided to promote the Moianès Puppet Festival, which after its initial attempt in 2016, had its effective first Edition during the last weekend of July 2017 in the municipality of Calders.